2016 Pitch Event Finalists

2016 Louisville Innovation Summit Startup Pitch Event Finalists

The 2016 Louisville Innovation Summit Startup Pitch Event finalists will compete in front of a live audience, three judges and an emcee at the essay writerMarriott Hotel on Tuesday, October 11th. A winner will be announced at the end of the day at our Awards Ceremony.

Boston, MA

According to the CDC, 77% of older adults are diabetic or prediabetic. Proper hospital control of diabetes is critical–saves lives, decreases complications, and speeds recovery. Admetsys has developed an artificial pancreas for hospital that improves health outcomes and health economics through high-tech automation.

Houston, TX

BrainCheck allows you to track your brain heawrite my papers for melth so you can check for significant changes and share results with your physician.

Bullseye Dropper
Covington, KY

Bullseye Dropper is dedicated to elder patient care by delivering ophthalmic medications with spot-on accuracy, one drop at a time. No more mess, waste or assistance from others, saving millions.

Philadelphia, PA

Caregoals facilitates conessay writing servicesversations to understand patient preferences, values and beliefs for end of life care. The platform tracks, measures and provides insight from digital patient engagements to align treatment with patient care goals to ensure better end of life outcomes.

Inscope Medical Solutions
Louisville, KY

Inscope Medical is dedicated to developing low cost, connected medical devices. Our first device is the Inscope Laryngoscope, an innovative technology that optimizes intubation, improving this high-risk procedure’s speed and safety.

Rishpon, Israel

Kytera develops an advanced contextual activasian datingity monitoring for seniors who live independently. Using a wristband and sensors in the house, Kytera tracks real time changes in routine buy modafinil activity and alerts caregivers when distress is detected.

Liberate Medical
Louisville, KY

Liberate Medical manufacturers non-invasive respiratory muscle stimulators to improve the quality and reduce the cost of care for patients with pulmonary disease.

Marysville, OH

LifeBio delivers a life story and communication platform that improves health outcomes, enhances person-centered care, reduces loneliness, and differentiates providers/payers in competitive markets.

San Francisco, CA

Sensely is the creator of the clinical platform powered by an avatar, equipped with a set of remote diagnostic tools, leveraging natural user interfaceonline dating s to facilitate patient assessment and provide insights for meaningful follow-up.

The Right Place
Houston, TX
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The Right Place is a communication solution that empowers hospitals and post-acute providers to match the right patient to the right place of care quickly, efficiently and ensures all stakeholders may track the episode through post-acute discharge with ease.

Chicago, IL

Vivor empowers healthcare providers to reduce patient out-of-pocket costs with PayRx, financial workflow technology that maximizes the use of copay assistance programs for expensive diseases like cancer.

Dallas, TX

YGEIA incorporates precision medicine for chronic disease management at home. We provide actionable data at the patient level for personalized treatment, leading to reduced hospital readmission and improved patient outcomes.

2016 Startup Pitch Event Alternates

Chicago, IL

CareBand is an innovative, patent-pending all in one safety bracelet for seniors that enables safety and quality of life as their illness progresses as well as peace of mind for caregivers and family members.

San Francisco, CA
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LifeAssist has created innovative yet simple-to-use, connected solutions that promote active and independent living. Our solutions empower seniors to maintain a healthy and engaged lifestyle all the while helping caregivers balance stress, schedules and workload.