Frequently Asked Questions

Sorry, we are no longer accepting applications for the 2016 Pitch Event.

Is there a fee to apply to Louisville Innovation Summit Startup Pitch Event?

There is no fee to apply.

What are the eligibility requirements for companies applying?

  • Companies that are creating innovative health technology products and services that will enhance and / or help the quality of life for our senior population.
  • Companies will have launched their product/service within 18 months of the October 10, 2016 event date.
  • Companies will not have raised more than $7 million in funding.

How are the companies screened?

A committee of experts in health innovation and technology will screen each application to make sure that they meet all requirements and review each entry to decide which products or services are the most innovative.

What are the key judging criteria?

  • Functionality – Is the company’s product easy to use, and does it get the job done?
  • Potential – What is the company’s business model and likely profitability, size of the market, likelihood of adoption, and growth potential?
  • Team / People – What experience does the team have, and can they make the product or service a success?
  • Creativity/Differentiation – Why would someone use this product and/or service over alternatives?
  • Scalability – Is this small business not capable of scaling or is it a large business that has a lot of growth potential?

Who are the Louisville Summit Startup Pitch Interactive judges?

Each judge is an industry expert in venture capitalism or technology market space and will not be the same individual who was involved in the screening process. There will be a minimum of three panelists judging each session.

During the presentation to the judges, how many people can be onstage presenting?

Each participating Startup Pitch organization will have only one company canadian pharmacy cialis representative presenting to the judges and one additional person must be off stage controlling the slide presentation. Louisville Innovation Summit Startup Pitch will not provide staff to support you with your stage presentation, so each company must have a second company representative to assist with the presentation.

Can I talk about fundraising in my presentation?

Participating companies should not mention anything about their fundraising activities and plans in their presentations and presentation materials. Please reserve all conversations about fundraising to private one-on-one meetings with known accredited investors. Louisville Innovation Summit strongly encourages you to become familiar with the new modafinil online rules under the JOBS Act and to consult experienced legal counsel about applicable securities regulations. By participating in the Louisville Innovation Summit Startup Pitch event, you agree that Louisville Innovation Summit Startup Pitch does not give investment legal advice and that you are responsible for ensuring your compliance with applicable securities laws.

What about my intellectual property?

Louisville Innovation Summit wants you to know that there are always certain concerns about intellectual property rights involved in competitions of this nature. Because Louisville Innovation Summit is not in a position to protect or advise you on your intellectual property rights, Louisville Innovation Summit cannot and does not take any responsibility for doing so. Please be aware that Louisville Innovation Summit does not require non-disclosure agreements or other confidentiality obligations from anyone involved in the Louisville Innovation Summit process. You, the applicant, are solely responsible for protecting your intellectual property canadian pharmacy viagra rights (patents, trademarks, copyright, trade secrets, etc.) in your idea.

Will I receive a registration to the Louisville Innovation Summit Startup Pitch if I am selected?

Yes, participating companies will receive two (2) complimentary registrations for the Louisville Innovation Summit Conference.

How many winners will there be?

One winner will be named.

How will I know if I have been selected to participate?

All applicants will receive an email notification from Louisville Innovation Summit if selected to participate. Companies will receive this notification by September.

How many products / services can I submit to the event?

Each company will be allowed to submit only one product / service at this year’s event. Companies who submit more than one product / services will not be eligible to participate in the event.

Still have additional questions?

Please contact Michelle Murdough at [email protected]