Unity Stoakes

Unity Stoakes is on a mission to transform healthcare by leveraging the power of innovation, technology, data, design, and community. He believes that the best way to improve care is to provide health and wellness innovators with inspiration, education, and access to customers, capital, and other critical resources so that Healthcare Transformers can innovate more quickly.

Unity is the co-founder and president of StartUp Health, a global organization leading the movement to transform health by building a community of Healthcare Transformers. StartUp Health has the world’s largest portfolio of digital health companies spanning 12 countries. StartUp Health’s platform includes the StartUp Health Academy, StartUp Health Network, StartUp Health Ventures and StartUp Health Media.

Unity, and his business partner of 17 years, Steven Krein, previously co-founded OrganizedWisdom.com, an expert-driven platform for health and wellness and built Webstakes.com and Promotions.com, which went public on Nasdaq in 1999.

Unity is a founding member of the Society of Participatory Medicine and a mentor at Blueprint Health, an accelerator for health and wellness startups. Unity is on the AARP Innovation @50+ Advisory Board, the SXSW Accelerator Advisory Board and the Care Innovations Advisory Board. He received his bachelor’s degrees in Communications and Political Science from Boston University. Unity resides in Brooklyn, New York. Contact him on Twitter @unitystoakes or unity@startuphealth.com.

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