Startup Pitch Event


The Kentucky Startup companies and the National Startup companies will compete in front of a live audience, three judges and an emcee at the Marriot Hotel on Thursday, October 15th. A winner from each category will be presented by end of day.

Kentucky Finalists:

Breath Diagnostics

Louisville, KY

Breath Diagnostics, Inc., founded by its principal inventors at the University of Louisville, has developed a technology that uses a patient’s breath to detect lung cancer. The patented, licensed test distinguishes benign from malignant nodules in the lung. 20 percent of those 54 or older are in the high risk group.


Louisville, KY

Edumedics is a Population Health Management company improving health and lowering costs. We apply robust algorithms to identify at-risk members, activate them into our program, and deliver high-touch care enabled by our Healthward™ platform. We have data proving our technology-enabled care—and the systems required to support it—work.

Medica Nexus

Louisville, KY

Medica Nexus, a consumer health infomediary, is leading the development of a new multi-billion dollar industry enabling individuals to manage their own health information and communications wherever they connect for care. Headquartered in Louisville, KY, Medica Nexus also has a presence in Washington DC and Silicon Valley.

Psyche Comfort Products

Louisville, KY

Psyche Comfort Products is the manufacturer of Neck Guard, an ergonomic device designed for overhead work. We also manufacture the Psyche C-PAP Pillow, a side-sleeper pillow designed for the sleep apnea patient. Our goal is to use new materials, new fabric, and new technology to bring new quality-of-life products to market.


Louisville, KY

For people with diabetes and pre-diabetes, Thrive365 removes the burden of counting carbohydrates. Using a mobile platform integrated with a patented food-scoring algorithm, Thrive365 enables users to manage their diet in a way that helps stabilize their blood glucose levels.

Kentucky Alternates:


Louisville, KY

The iPillBox is at beta level and is focused on quality and accuracy of medicine compliance data for aging adults with chronic health problems. The internet connected iPillBox improves caregiver efficiency and provides quality data to providers with a goal of improved patient outcomes. Please contact us for a demonstration.


Prospect, KY

Dechoker is the World’s First FDA Registered Anti-Choking Device (ACD) to replace the Heimlich. Dechoker is easy to use and can be used on ages 1 year to adult. Dechoker should be in every Health Care Facility, School, Day Care, Restaurant, EMS, Police, Fire, Movie Theatre, Airline and Home.

National Finalist:

Care Angel

Miami Beach, FL

Care Angel is revolutionizing the way we help millions of families take better care. The company’s proprietary Smart Care 3.0 platform is poised to save families, employers and payers billions in avoidable costs by helping millions of people take better care. Utilizing simple yet powerful remote monitoring technology, Care Angel checks in and watches over our aging loved ones day and night, gathering well-being measures, daily activities and health status indicators, serving as a virtual caregiver for aging-in-place seniors. The platform optimizes care by interpreting data and alerting caregivers, keeping loved ones happy, healthy and safe while families are informed, connected and given much needed peace of mind.


Greenville, SC

ChartSpan helps doctors and patients engage with each other. ChartSpan offers a consumer health platform for patients and an innovative “Engagement-as-a-Service” platform for clinics, hospitals and health systems.

Homeward Health

Toledo, OH

Homeward Health acquires, analyzes, and adds meaning to psychosocial data. Our mission is to make a sustainable health impact by aligning predictive analytics with digital humanism. We define “digital humanism” as technology that brings patients and caregivers into harmony. Our technology strives to empower the care continuum with patient-centered intelligence.


Washington, DC

Luvozo is dedicated to developing and delivering solutions for senior living communities that improve resident safety and overall care. The company has developed a deep expertise in applying state-of-the-art technologies to long-term care settings. Its flagship product, SAM, is a robotic concierge service that supplements staff with non-medical care.

Moving Analytics

Marina del Rey, CA

Moving Analytics helps hospitals implement remote cardiac rehab programs delivered through patients’ mobile devices. Using our platform, patients receive the benefits of cardiac rehab from the comfort of their homes, while hospitals increase patient enrollment, generate additional revenue and reduce readmission penalties.


Philadelphia, PA

Neutun is software that uses preexisting wearable and mobile devices to track chronic and acute health conditions. The data that is produced through this tracking is then anonymized and resold to enterprise firms to better their forecasting, post marketing research and the health care system at large.


Madison, WI

Redox is an integration platform that allows best-in-class software to easily and securely interoperate with Electronic Health Records. Redox drastically reduces up front implementation costs, accelerates execution, and supplies secure and transparent controls, allowing health systems to incrementally embrace and integrate with cloud-based vendors.


Lincoln, NE

Appointments are periodic. Healthcare doesn’t need to be. Created by a heart surgeon and a cardiologist, Together+Clinic uses a very simple patient user interface to capture patient generated data in real time and pushes that data to providers through a dashboard. Dedicated to creating a universal solution to this problem, Together+Clinic’s core product is completely FREE.

TowerView Health

Philadelphia, PA

TowerView helps chronically ill patients manage complex medication regimens by sending patients pre-filled medication trays that insert into TowerView’s proprietary connected pillbox that senses missed doses and sends reminders. Nurses use TowerView’s software to provide outreach for nonadherent patients. TowerView partners with payors so patients receive its service for free.


Palo Alto, CA

While few individuals in the last year of life want aggressive treatment, medicare expenditures exceed $150 billion annually for this population. Vynca’s software aligns care preference with care provision to enable high-quality care at the end-of-life. Vynca helps patients and providers document meaningful conversations in a rapidly accessible format.

National Alternates:

mPulse Mobile

Los Angeles, CA

mPulse Mobile offers healthcare organizations consumer-focused mobile messaging solutions that improve engagement and health outcomes. Engaging through multiple channels, mPulse capabilities include a secure, context-based, HIPAA-compliant platform designed for Healthcare. mPulse enables the leading health plans, providers and pharmaceutical companies to improve the health and wellbeing of consumers by making healthcare communications relevant to the modern lifestyle.


San Diego, CA

Cognuse integrates mobile cognitive assessment and training with activity data from wearable sensors enabling a scalable suite of technologies help the aging population maintain, track and manage cognitive and functional activities in coordination with caregivers and physicians. The correlated data is used to flag in real-time patient’s risks for atypical/compulsive/repetitive behaviors, incl. wandering, getting lost while driving, purchasing, bill payment, etc.

Older & Wiser

New York, NY

Older & Wiser reduces the barriers to treatment of depression through the provision of telehealth delivered therapy services. With technology and provider training tailored to the needs of the elderly, Older & Wiser is the only telehealth company with the elderly patient at the core of its offering.