Joseph D’Ambrosio


Dr. Joe’s work and community based research is focused on sustainable health initiatives for older adults. His efforts encourage intersecting workforce, infrastructure, funding, self-governance and community leadership through the lens of compassion.

He has presented numerous peer-reviewed presentations at national conferences and has co-authored a number of articles on community engagement related to health initiatives.

His interest is in uncovering individual strength and resilience that fosters social sustainability through intentional and deliberate actions of compassion within the healthcare system.

Dr. Joe maintains a clinical practice providing services to individuals, couples and families. His work is guided by models of therapy, which promote growth and quality of life.

In most cases, he encourages sustainability of relationship in spite of separation or divorce. He has found that in the midst of the ambiguity that ends relationships human growth can accelerate if an alternate belief system can be accessed.

In working with older adults he collaborates with a range of community partners to provide care and coordination that allows aging in place.

Aging should provide the highest quality of life through engagement of the systemic support system. He conducts therapeutic assessments of older adults, their families and caregivers and also provides continuing therapeutic clinical care.

Dr. Joe, together with his colleague, Anna Faul, PhD conduct workshops on health related topics as well as training in compassionate love.