Will Neder

As one of the founders of his firm, Will Neder provides a portfolio of services in the field of strategy and operations. While completing his university studies in government and sociology, he was impressed by the growing complexity in the interactions between governmental forces, social forces, and business. Mr. Neder’s biggest transformations came in his executive management role with an entrepreneurial real estate firm, where he managed a multi-year development process and saw that entrepreneurial management could be assisted by adopting sound market and sociopolitical strategies. In fact, he began to see that strategy – specifically the understanding of how social, organizational, and competitive forces affect resources and influence – was central to many project’s ability to achieve success.

Emerging from these experiences with a unique perspective, Mr. Neder was determined to develop the tools and frameworks necessary to help practitioners use these ideas to generate formidable results‚and these results have been seen in his work across industries as diverse as health/med tech, traditional and alternative energy, real estate design and development, entrepreneurial ventures, governmental agencies, major non pro t organizations, celebrity counsel, political action/transformation, major finance and investment, the sports industry, and more.

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