The Way To Wellville

Join Esther Dyson – author of “Release 2.0: Design for living in the digital age” and a long-time tech and health investor – for a broad-reaching discussion around health, “global sickening,” and her current passion: The Way to Wellville, a ten-year nonprofit project to help five small US communities cultivate health and make visible and lasting improvements in their overall well-being and economic vitality. Behind all this is her background as a fact-checker for Forbes Magazine and as a Wall Street analyst, which led her to ask a basic question: “Why are we spending so much on health care, when we could be investing in health and getting a better return – and a happier population as well?” Hear her take on how we can invest in health and encourage health-fostering startups – and how Way to Wellville’s goal is to persuade the country as a whole to “borrow” her ideas.

Location: Ballroom 5-6 Date: October 10, 2016 Time: 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm Esther Dyson Chris Kay Ted Smith Dr. Roy Beveridge