Redefining Success in Incubating Aging Innovation

In 2015, over $4.5B was poured into digital health. Incubators are popping up left and right to funnel that money, delivery deal flow, and supposedly catalyze innovation. While they there is a reference to “health” in digital health incubators’ missions, their success measures are purely financial: number of companies incubated or dollars invested. With increasing accountability for achieving the Triple Aim for payers, providers, and patients, stakeholders in the digital health ecosystem also need to be held accountable. This session will describe the gaps and opportunities to remedy the gaps in making digital health incubation accountable to achieving the triple aim. In an era where margin is optimized as health outcomes are optimized, digital health investment and incubation stands to achieve higher returns by holding themselves accountable to measures of health impact rather than just investments raised.

Future of Aging Care
Location: Ballroom 1-2 Date: October 10, 2016 Time: 1:15 pm - 2:00 pm Dr. Andrey Ostrovsky Dr. Dorit Donoviel Margaret O’Kane