How to Be a Good Boss

Fully being an excellent boss can be hard. He knows how to delegate responsibility to his or her workers, he trusts them to get the job done and he watches different siren song alarm reviews every day. The best means to being an excellent boss is to take action. The very good boss is going […]

The Tech-Enabled Home of the Future

Hacking the home of the future for healthcare Is the home health industry ready for the technology revolution?   For seniors who need ongoing or rehabilitative care in their homes, the tech-enabled home of the future offers glittering promise. Imagine, if you will, an elderly severe diabetic that gets part time nursing care in his […]

Senior Cyborgs

We have seen the future of robotics, and it is us. The future of robotics isn’t building robot servants, but incorporating cyborg technologies to make our bodies better. And the first adopters will be seniors. With just a few more weeks until the 2016 Louisville Innovation Summit, we’re looking forward to our panel with senior […]

Sister Madonna Buder, “The Iron Nun,” Joins Lineup of Featured Speakers at the Louisville Innovation Summit

The internationally famous geriatric triathlete and motivational speaker will join dozens of speakers discussing the future of aging care.   Most 86-year-olds consider themselves “retired” from serious exercise. For world-renowned geriatric triathlete, motivational speaker and Sister of the Christian Community, Sister Madonna Buder, aging was just another step on the journey to becoming “The Iron […]